307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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[初一英语]七年级英语上学期Unit 4教案2

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   Step One: Present the New words.
    ①Warming up.
    (Prepare some school things for the students as presents .)
    T: What's this ? (There is a pencil in the teacher's hand .)
    S1: Yes you a right . Here you are .
    (give it to the student as a present .)
    T: Is this a ruler ? (hold up a ruler .)
    S2: Yes it is.
    T: How to spell ruler ?
    S2: R-U-L-E-R , ruler .
    T: Good , here you are.
    (Hold up a pen , an eraser , a notebook and so on . Ask the questions in the same way . And give the presents to the students .)
    T: What's this ?
    S3: It's a backpack .
    T: I have a backpack for you as a present ,(Looking for it in the desk , under the chair . . . ) but I can't find it . Where's it ? Do you know ?
    S3: I don't know .
    S4: I think it's in your desk..
    T: (Look into the desk.) No ,it isn't .Now , let's look for the backpack together , OK ? (Write down the title on the blackboard .)
    ②Learn the New words.
    T: Look at the big picture on the screen .This is a big nice room .I want to own such a room . Because there is some nice furniture in it . Do you know the names of the furniture ?
    (Show a picture of a bed and a dresser .)
    T: What's this ? It's a bed . "BED" . Read after me .B-E-D , bed.
    Ss: B-E-D , bed.
    T: What's this ? It's a dresser . D-R-E-S-S-R , dresser.
    Ss: D-R-E-S-S-R , dresser.
    (Teach the other words bookcase /sofa/chair/drawer/plant/ . . . in the same way .)
    T: Read the words aloud .
    ③Present the words in , on , under , behind using the objects .
    T: Where is my book ? It's on the desk . (Put a book on the desk .)
    T: Where is my bag ? (Put a bag on the desk and ask this question .)
    S1: It's on the desk .
    T: Where is my bag ? (To all the students)
    Ss: It's on the desk .
    T: Where is my pen ? It's in the pencil case . (Put a pen in the pencil case and ask .)
    T: Where is my ruler ? (Put a ruler in the pencil case , too .)
    S1: It's in the pencil case , too .
    T: Where is the ruler ?
    Ss: It's in the pencil case .
    (Then learn the other two prepositions "under", "behind" in the same way . )
    ④Present the words .
    T: Now , please look at the screen , where is the ball in Picture 1 ?
    S1: I think it's in the box .
    T: Where is the ball in Picture 2 ?
    S2: It's on the box .
    T: Where is the ball in Picture 3 ?
    S3: It's behind the box .
    T: Where is the ball in Picture 4 ?
    S4: It's under the box .
    T: There are some pictures on the screen , please match the sentences and the pictures .
    1: The cat is under the chair .
    2: The cat is on the bed .
    3: The cat is behind the door .
    4: The cat is in the box .
    5: The cat is next to the plant .
    6: The cat is on  the chair .
    T:Please open your books and do 1a quickly as you can.
    (After doing 1a,check the answer.)
    Step Two :drills .
    ①Practice the drills .
    T: This time , use the school things around you to practice the conversation .
    T:Where's the watch? (Hold up a watch in the hand.)
    S1: It's in your hand.
    T: Where's the bag? (Put a bag on the chair.)
    S2: It's on the chair.
    (Ask the students to practice the dialogue like this. Then get some pairs to act it out.)
    ②Introduce a room and listen to the tape.
    T: This is Tommy's room, but he can't find his books, his pencil case, his baseball, his computer game and his keys, please help him find the things. Listen and number [1-5] the things in the picture.
    (Play the recording and then check the answer.)
    Step Three: Play a game.
    T: Now, we will play a game , I have a new ruler, all the students close your eyes, and I hide it in our classroom. Please guess, Where is it ? If your answer is right, it is yours. Please ask like this Is it on the desk? Is it on the floor? Are you ready?
    S1: Is it in the ...?
    T: No,it isn't.
    S2: Is it under the…?
    T: No, it isn't.
    S3: Is it behind the…?
    T: Yes, it is. Please find it out .Here you are.(Give the ruler to him.)
    (Ask three or four students to come to the front to hide three or four new school things, others look for them.)
    T:Who can come here to hide my new pen?
    Ss: I can.
    (After playing the game, some students who can find the school things will have them.)
    Step Four: Task.
    T: Look at the picture on the screen. This is Mary's room. In groups of four , describe where the things are in the room.(Prepare
    For  five minutes.)
    S1: Is the book on the desk?
    S2: Yes, it is. Is the backpack under the chair?
    S3: No, it isn't. It's… Where are the keys?
    S4: They are…
    Homework: Make a play.
    There is a man. His name is "forgetful". He always forgets somethings, and he always asks Where is / are my …?
    Please make a short play and next class we will act it out


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect