307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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[初一英语]七年级英语上学期Unit 4教案4

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   Period Three
    Step One:Present the new words.
    T: I have some things on my desk, I think you can tell me how to say them.
    T: What's this? (Hold up a book in the hand)
    Ss: It's a book.
    T: Yes, it's a math book. Read after me. M-A-T-H-B-O-O-K, math book.
    Ss: M-A-T-H-B-O-O-K, math book.
    T: Do you have a watch?
    Ss: Yes, I do./ No, I don't.
    T: Is it a watch?
    Ss: No, it isn't. It's a clock.
    T: Good. It's an alarm clock. Read after me. A-L-A-R-M-C-L-O-C-K,alarm clock.
    (Then hold up CD, video tape, hat, notebook, teach them in the same way. Check the words using the cards.)
    T: Let's do 1a in Section B. Match the words with the things in the picture in 1a.(Then check the answers.)
    Step Two: Present the drills.
    1. Review the words.
    T: Now do 1b in Section B, look at Tommy's room for three minutes. Please try your best to remember all the things in the room. Begin!
    (Three minutes later,ask them to close their books. Give them another three minutes to write down the things they remembered.)
    T:Who can write them down on the blackboard?
    S1:I can.(After writing them,students open the books to check the answer.)
    T:How many words did you write?
    Ss:Fifteen/Twenty/Twenty-two …
    T:What are in the picture?
    S:A backpack, a quilt, a computer game, some books…
    2. Present the drill.
    T: Look at the picture 1a in Section B and answer my questions Where is the math book?
    S1: It is…
    T: Where are the pictures?
    S2: They are…
    T: Where are the books?
    S3: They are…
    T: Ask and answer according to the picture then fill in the chart.
    Things backpack books ID card ruler cap
    Step Three: Listen and practice the drill.
    1. Listen to the tape.
    T: Tommy wants his mother to bring some school things to school for him. But his room isn't tidy. So his mother can't find the things. Let's listen to the recording of 2a and help his mother find the things.
    (Play the tape for the first time. The students circle the word they hear. Then check the answer.)
    T:Now listen again, and fill in the chart.
    Things ruler notebook Math book CDs
    2. Practice the dialogue.
    T: Where's the ruler?
    S1: It's…
    T: Where's the notebook?
    S2: It's…
    T: Where're CDs?
    S3: They're…
    T: Work in  pairs according to the chart.
    Step Four: Task.
    T: Please look at Tommy's room. Do you think it's tidy?
    Ss: No, I don't think so.
    T: Four students in a group. Draw a picture about Tommy's room, help him clean the room to put the things in the correct places.
    (Choose some groups to show the room.)
    1. Draw a picture about your room.
    2. Describe your new room.


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect