307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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[初一英语]七年级英语上学期Unit 4教案5

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   Period Four
    教师: 搜集单词卡片、背景资料。
    Step One: Learn the new words.
    1. Present the new words.
    (Show some pictures and words on the screen to teach the students the new words.)
    T: What's this?
    S1: It's a room.
    T: Do you have a room like this?
    S2: Yes, I do./ No, I don't.
    T: Read after me. R-O-O-M, room.
    Ss: R-O-O-M, room.
    (Teach the other words "TV, desk, picture" in the same way.)
    T: There are some words here. Read the words after me and spell them.
    (Learn the other words without pictures on the cards.)
    T: This is a word. Can you spell this word?
    (Point to a word in the card.)
    S1: Yes, I can. / No, I can't.
    (Let them know the meaning of "can".)
    T: I can spell your name. Can you spell my name?
    S1: Yes, I can.
    T: Can you write your name?
    S: Sorry, I can't. I have no pen.
    T: You need a pen.( Give him a pen.)
    ( Let the students understand the word "need".)
    T: I bring a football to school every day. Now it is on the floor. After class  I take it to my home.
    (Teach "bring" and "take". Put a football on the floor and point to the floor to teach the word "floor".)
    2. Practice the words.
    (Give the cxamples to the students and get the students to understand the new words.)
    Step Two: Listen and practice.
    T: Books closed. Here is a note. Please listen carefully and then answer the questions How many things are there in the note?
    Ss: There are five things in the note.
    T: What are these?
    Ss: They are  notebook…
    T: Open your books, who can read it for us?
    Ss: I can.
    (One student reads it , others listen carefully.)
    T: This is a note from Mom to Sally. Please look at the picture, draw the missing things in the picture.
    T: Who can tell me where the missing things are?
    S1: The baseball is…
    S2: The CDs are…
    The other students will answer other questions.
    Step Three: Play a game.
    T: I divide the class into two groups, one group chooses several students to come to the front to draw some big pictures on the blackboard. The other group chooses someone to draw something on the big things.
    (after drawing them.)
    T: Who can say the sentences according to the pictures?
    S1: I can. The dog is under the chair.
    S2: The cups are…
    S3: The quilt are…
    S4: The books are …
    Step Four: Practice and fill in the blanks.
    1. Fill in the blank.
    (First, let the students describe the picture.)
    T: Look at the picture in 3b Where is the hat?
    S1: It's…
    T: Where is the clock?
    S2: It is…
    T: Where is the ID card?
    S3: It is …
    T: Where is the notebook?
    S4: It is…
    (Ask the same questions in the same way.)
    T: Who can fill in the blank?
    S1: I can.
    (Then ask one or two students to read it aloud. Check the answer according to the picture.)
    2. Practice.
    T: You want four things in your room now. But you have no time to go home to get them. Write a note to a friend, let him go to your home to get them. Tell him where the things are.
    (Students write a note.)
    Step Five: Task.
    T: Now draw your ideal rooms in groups of six, Please use your color pencils to draw them, everyone can join this task, and then show the room to us.
    (Ten minutes later, ask the students hand up their drawing, every group chooses one to describe the room. Choose the best one and give them some candies or school things encourage them.)
    Step Six: Do Self-check.
    1. Review the words.
    T: Look at self Check, let's do exercise 1. Look at the cards in my hand , and spell the words as quickly as you can.
    (Hold up some cards with Chinese words on them such as" 桌子".)
    T: Who can spell this word?
    S: I can. "TABLE".
    (Hold up the other cards to let the students spell them quickly in order to master the key words in this unit.)
    2. Write some new words about this unit.
    T: Now, please think it over. Do you know the other words about school things and furniture? Who can write them down on the blackboard?
    S: We can.
    (Some students will come to the front to write them down on the blackboard and others write them down in the notebook.)
    T: Look at the blackboard. They are: ball, pen, ink, cupboard, living room, bedroom, kitchen, fridge, and washing machine…
    T:Please remember them.
    Step Seven: Homework.
    T: Look at 3, read the note, and draw a room according to it on a picece of paper after class


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect