307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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[初一英语]七年级英语上学期Unit 5教案2

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   Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball ?
    Period Two
    Step One:Warming up.
    1. Present the new structures.
    T: Do you have a tennis racket?
    S1:Yes, I do.
    T: Do you have a baseball bat?
    S2:No, I don't.
    T: Does she have a tennis racket?
    (Point to the first student)
    S3:Yes, she does.
    T:Does he have a baseball bat?
    (Pint to the second student)
    S4:No,he doesn't.
    2. Practice the drill.
    T:Practice in groups of four. The first two students must use the drill "Do you have a …?" The other two students ask and answer according to their conversation and use the drill "Does he/ she have a …?"
    S1:Do you have a …?
    S2:Yes, I do. Do you have a …?
    S1:No, I don't.
    S3:Does she have a …?
    S4:Yes, she does. Does he have a …?
    S3:No, he doesn't.
    Step Two: Listening.
    T:Look at the pictures in 2b and name them. What are these?
    (Point at the baseball, basketball,volleyball,football.)
    Ss:They are…
    T:There are four children in the conversations. Who are they? Please listen and find the answer.
    (Play the recorder for the first time.)
    T:I'll play the recorder for the second time. Listen and number the pictures(1-4).
    (Students listen for the second time.)
    T:Listen to the conversation in 2b. Match the people with the balls.
    (Students listen and match. Teacher checks their answer.)
    Step Three: Practice the structure: Do you have a …? Yes, I do. / No, I don't.
    T:Now, Please look at the picture in 2c in your book. Suppose this is your partner's room. Ask your partner " Do you have a …?"
    (Show a photo of the teacher.)
    Sa:Do you have a …?
    Sb:Yes, I do./ No, I don't.
    T: This is my room.Ask your partner some questions about it . Make the same conversation like this.
    T:Let's look at the teacher's room. Does she/ he have a football?
    S1:Yes, she/he does.Does she/ he have a ping-pong?
    T:No,she/he doesn't.
    (Ask more students to make a conversation.)
    T:Make a long conversation with things in the picture.
    T:Take out your pictures and change each other.Please talk about it.
    Step Four: Learn how to make suggestions.
    1. Present the new word:Let's …
    (Show a football to class.)
    T:Let's play football after class,OK?
    T:Let's play ping-pong.
    T:We often use the drill "Let's…" to make a suggestion.If you want to do it,you may say "OK./ That sounds good./ All right …" If you don't want to do it, you may say "No, I don't have a …"
    (The teacher writes the drill on the backboard.)
    A:Let's play…
    B:No, I don't have a …
    A:Well, let's play baseball.
    B:That sounds good.
    T:"That sounds good"means "That is a good idea or That would be fun".
    2. Do 3a.
    (The teacher reads the cartoon story in 3a for students,saying blank each time you come to an empty write-online.
    T:I'll ask a student to read the four words to the class.
    T:Fill in the blanks with the words from the box.
    (Students work alone as they write the four words from the box in the correct banks.)
    T:Check the answers.
    Step Five: Practice the structure: Let's…
    1. Explaining.
    T:Look at the three pictures in 3b and name the things in it.
    T:What does the mark on the basketball in Picture One mean?
    The mark means "don't" or "no" and means "do it".
    T:Who read the conversation in pairs?
    2. Pairwork.
    T:Make conversations with your partner according to the picture.
    Sa:Let's play baseball.
    Sb:I don't have a …
    Sa:Well,let's play…
    Step Six:Task.
    Join the School Sport Center.
    T:Look at the ad. On the screen. What sports do you like to play? Who are your favorite sportsmen and sports women? What sports do you play at the school? Our school has a Sports Center with all the sports that you would like to play.
    Welcome to our Sports Center.
    Do you like sports? We have many
    Clubs: volleyball, basketball, ping-pongand more. Join us.
    1. Read the ad.and fill in the chart.
    2. Read the ad.for students and ask them to repeat the new words.
    3. Ask students to choose one club and fill in the form.
    4. Make a conversation with one student using the form.
    What's your first name?
    What's your last name?
    What sports do you like?
    Do you like…?
    What class are you in ?
    How old are you ?
    First name
    Last name
    For example:
    S1:What's your first name?
    S2:My name is…
    S1:What's your last name?
    S2:My last name is…
    S1:What sports do you like?
    S2:I like basketball.
    S1:Who is the sport star you like?
    S2:Yao Ming.
    S1:Do you like baseball?
    S2:No,I don't.
    S1:OK, you can join our basket club. Welcome you.
    5. Change the partner and make another conversation.
    What sports does he like?
    Does he / she like…?


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect