307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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[初一英语]七年级英语上学期Unit 6教案2

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   Unit 6 Do you like bananas?
    Period Two
    Step One: Review the drill.
    ② Review the drill "Do you like…"?
    ③ The girl and the boy are talking about their likes and dislike.Let's open your books and listen. Try to finish 2a and 2b as quickly as you can.
    Step Two: New drills.
    ① Present the new drills "Does she/ he like…? Yes, she / he does./ No, she / he doesn't"using the chart above.
    T:Kate, do you like tomatoes?
    S1:Yes, I do.
    T:Do you like ice cream?
    S1:No, I don't.
    (The teacher points at Kate and asks the class.)
    T:Does Kate like tomatoes?
    Ss:Yes, she does.
    T:Does Kate like ice cream?
    Ss:No,she doesn't.
    (The teacher goes on asking Kate using the chart.)
    T:Does your best friend Sue like tomatoes?
    S1:Yes, she does.(Kate looks at her chart in her hand.)
    T:Who is your best friend?
    (The teacher points at Jane.)
    S1:Sally is.
    T:Does she like tomatoes?
    S1:Sally is.
    (The teacher points at Tony and Maria.)
    T:Do your best friends like tomatoes?
    S1:Yes, they do./No, they don't.
    (The teacher asks two more students to answer his/ her questions according to the chart in their hands. Then the teacher writes down the drills "Does she/he like… ?Do they like…?" on the blackboard.)
    T:Work in pairs and practice the drill "Does he/she…? Do they…?"according to the chart.
    (Then the teacher asks some pairs of the students to practice one by one.)
    ② Practice the drills.
    T:Let's work in pairs .
    (Student A looks at Page 33.Student B looks at Page 83.Try to find out what Bob and Bill and don't like.)
    Sa:Does Bill like French fries?
    Sb: … Does Bob like French fries?
    Sa: …
    Step Three: Task.
    T:Do you love your parents?
    T:How do you show your love to them?
    S1:I'll do as they say.
    S2:I'll buy something for them when their birthday is coming.
    S3:I'll study better and better.
    S4:I'll make a big meal for them.
    T:Oh, I think it's a good idea. Now let's try to know what they like and dislike. First take out yesterday's homework,exchange the information in pairs.
    (The teacher have asked the students to have a survey last class.)
    Parents like dislike
    (Give a sample to the students)
    T:Does your father like chicken?(Point to a student)
    S1: No, he doesn't.
    T:Does your mother like eggs?
    S1:Yes, she does.
    T:Do they like bananas?
    S1: Yes, they do.
    T:Now work in groups and make a food survey.
    Parents like dislike
    Jim's father 
    Jim's mother 
    Kate's father 
    Kate's mother 
    (The students work in groups.)
    S2:Jim's father likes… He doesn't like… Jim's mother likes…very much. She doesn't like…And they both don't like…
    (Then ask more students to report.)
    Step Four:Summary.
    In this class, we've learnt the Simple Present Tense,including of the third person singular form as subject.
    Rewrite your conversation in the form of a passage.


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect