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307 Temporary Redirect

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[初一英语]七年级英语上学期Unit 6教案4

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   Unit 6 Do you like bananas?
    Period Four
    Step One: New words.
    T: Do you like sports?
    S: Yes, I do. / Of course.
    T: What sport do you like best?
    S1:I like playing football/ baskball /table tennis …
    S2:I like 跑步.
    T: Oh, Look! What is he doing?
    (Show the students a picture of Liu Xiang.)
    Ss: He is 跑步.
    T: Yes, he is running. Now, read after me, run.
    S: Run.
    T: R-U-N, run.
    S: R-U-N, run.
    T: Do you know him?
    S: Yes, he is Liu Xiang.
    T: You are very clever. He is Liu Xiang. He's a runner.
    S: R-U-N-N-E-R,runner.
    T: Now he is very famous in China. Maybe everyone knows him. He is a sport star. S-T-A-R,star.
    S: S-T-A-R,star.
    T: Liu Xiang likes sports. He runs every day. He is healthy and he doesn't like dessert. Do you know Healthy and dessert? Healthy means "健康的". Can you guess the meaning of unhealthy?
    Ss: "不健康的".
    T: Yes, you are clever. Read after me, healthy, unhealthy.
    Ss: Healthy, unhealthy.
    T: Look at these pictures. (Show these pictures of dessert.)
    They are all dessert. In Chinese it means "甜食".We often eat it after the important dishes.
    T: Read after me, dessert, D-E-S-S-E-R-T, dessert.
    Ss: D-E-S-S-E-R-T, dessert.
    Step Two: Task.
    T: Now look at the pictures of these foods. (Show some food pictures.) What kind of food do you think are healthy or unhealthy?  Discuss in four people and fill in the chart. (Each group will have a chart)
    Healthy food Unhealthy food
    (Ask some groups to report.)
    S: … are healthy food, … are unhealthy food.
    T: So we eat more healthy food and less unhealthy food. Healthy food is good for our health, but unhealthy food is bad for our health.
    Step Three: Learn to write about what somebody likes for three meals.
    ① Read the passage.
    T: Look at Liu Xiang ! Do you know why he is very healthy?
    S1: Maybe he runs every day.
    S2: He takes good care of his health.
    S3: Maybe he eats very well.
    T: Yes, he really eats very well. Every player just eats healthy food. Three is another running star. Her name is Sandra Dlark. Let's see what she likes eating for three meals. Open your books and read 3a in Section B. First try to fill in the chart.
    breakfast lunch dinner
    (The students read the passage and fill in the chart, then check the answers.)
    S: Fruits…
    T: Sandra Clark has a brother, Tom. He is very clever, but a little naughty. Look at 3b and find out what Tom likes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Complete the following passage.
    (The students do 3b and check the answers.)
    S: Four lunch …
    ② Practice.
    T: I like eggs and milk for breakfast. What do you like eating for breakfast?(Point to a student.)
    S: I like apples and bread.
    T: What about you? (Point to another student.)
    S: I like hamburgers and bananas.( Ask two more students to answer his/her questions for lunch and dinner.)
    T: Who can ask and answer like this?
    Sa: What do you like to eat for lunch?
    Sb: I like …
    Sa: What do you like to eat for dinner?
    Sb: I like …
    (Then ask the students to work in pairs one by one.)
    Step Four: Task.
    ① Write a passage about you like for three meals.
    T: Can you introduce yourself for three meals according to what you talked about just now? Maybe many friends want to know you. (The students write about themselves as quickly as they can. When they are ready, ask them to introduce.)
    ② Make a survey about your classmates for three meals.
    T: Do you have any friends? (Ask a student.)
    S: Yes, I do./ Of course.
    T: Do you know what they like eating for each meal?
    S: No/ Sorry, I don't know.
    T: OK. Let's ask our friends and try to know what they like. Then fill in the chart.
    Name  breakfast lunch dinner
    (Then ask some students to report to the class.)
    Write a passage about your best friend for three meals.


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect