307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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[初一英语]Where's my backpack教案

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   1. Learning objectives:
    (1) Review and practice the words and phrases: table,bookcasel,chair,sofa, dresser, drawer, plant, and use them to inquire where things are.
    (2) Practice the expression: inquire where things are by using. A. is it on/ in/underthe____?Yes, it is./No, it isn't. It's on /in /underthe_____. b. Are they on /in /under the____?
    (3) practice the listning skills for quick records.
    2. Teaching procedure:
    Stage 1: Leading-in
    Step 1: Greetings and lead-in with revision.
    a. review words of lesson1 by showing pictures.(table, bookcase, chair, sofa, dresser, drawer, plant)
    b. review the sentence patterns: a.Where's the_____? It's on/ in/ under the______. b. Where're the _____? They're on /in /under the_____. by talking about the pictures of a room.
    Step 2: sentences preparation
    T: Let's see what is in it? (The teacher presents the words: pen, pencil, book, eraser, ruler, pencil case, backpack, pencil sharpener, dictionary by showing them one by one.)
    Step 3: Match the words with the things in the picture.(1a)
    T: Now, please look at the pictures in your books. Can you put the words with the objects in the right pictures? Write the letters next to the words, please.(Give Ss about two minutes to finish 1a.)
    Stage 2: Learning & practicing vocabulary through drilling
    Step 1: present the drills
    a. present the drill "Is this …? Yes/ No, it is / isn't." with the things mentioned above.
    b. Ss ask and answer about their own school things in pair with "Is this …? Yes/ No, it is / isn't."
    (The teacher asks a few pairs to practice.)
    c. present the drill "Is that …? Yes/ No, it is / isn't." to identify "this" and "that"
    d. Ss ask and answer about their own school things in pairs with "Is that …? Yes/ No, it is / isn't."
    (The teacher ask some pairs to practice. )
    Step2: listen to 1b and number the conversations
    Step3 Ss say after the tape. Then work in pairs to read the dialogue.
    Stage 3 Using & practicing vocabulary through game
    Step 1: T. introduces the game "Find the owner"
    T: Look at this box. They are the things I borrowed from you. Now I want to give them back to you. Do you like to help me?
    (game rules: a. guess the thing you pick up. b. find the owner)
    Step 2 Ss play the game.
    Stage4 Summaries and Homework
    1. Summaries:
    a. Go over the words Ss have learned with school things.
    b. Go over the sentence pattern by saying a chant.
    Is this your pencil?   Yes, it is.
    Is this my pen?       No, it isn't.
    Is that his book?      Yes, it is.
    Is that her eraser?      No, it isn't.
    2. Homework:
    a. mark the school things with English names.
    b. read 1b with three classmates and practice to say the chant


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect