307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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[初一英语]Study skills教案

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    Part One: Presentation
    1. Listen to a song.
    T: Do you like singing? Today let's listen to a song called "ABC". When you're listening, please try to catch the words.
    Do you like this song? Can you catch the words? What are they?Let's have a look.
    Let's sing the song of "ABC" together.
    Can you remember these words? No. It's too difficult. Today I'll show you a way to remember words quickly. Let's go with Eddie and Hobo.
    2. Present the way of remembering words.
    T: We know Eddie likes eating. What can Eddie eat and drink? Please look at this picture.
    What kind of fruit can Eddie eat?
    Ss: Apples, grapes, mangoes and so on.
    T: Which vegetable can Eddie eat?
    Ss: Cabbages, potatoes, tomatoes and so on.
    T: What kind of meat can he eat?
    Ss: Beef, pork, fish and so on.
    T: What about drinks?
    Ss: Coke, tea, juice and so on.
    T: Look. We can find fruits, vegetables, meat and drinks in fruit family, vegetable family, meat family and drink family. They're all in the food family.
    After eating, Eddie goes shopping. Which shop can he go to?
    Ss: …
    T: Good. He can go to the electrical shop, the flower shop, the bookshop and so on. These shops are all in the shop family.
    We can put different words into different families. It can help us remember words.
    Part Two: Practice
    1. Ask Ss to put the given words onto different branches.
    2. Ask Ss to 2rite as many words as possible on the vocabulary tree in the book.
    1. Find more ways to remember words.
    2. Write words on the leaves.


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect