307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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   Period  3
    Teaching procedures :
    Step 1  Assign task
    Teach the new words .
    SB Page 55 , 1a .
    1. Read the instruction and ask Ss to read each situation and think about the two questions .
    2. Ask some students to share their answers with the class .Ask other students whether they agree with the opinions or not .
    SB Page 55 , 1b .
    1. Help the students understand that something that is unpleasant or something that bothers you is annoying .
    2. Then ask the students to number the ideas from most annoying to least annoying .
    3. Ask the class to vote on the most annoying item on the list .
    SB Page 55 , 2a .
    1. Read the instructions .Play the r4ecording .This time Ss only listen .Answer any questions they have about the recording .
    2. Play the recording again and ask the students to write the number 1, 2 and 3 in front of the correct pictures .
    3. Correct the answers .
    SB Page 55 , 2b .
    1. Say , Listen to the three conversations again .This time write the situations ,problems and solutions in the chart .
    2. Point out the sample answers .Play the recording again .Ask Ss to fill in the answers on their own .You may need to pause the tape from time to time to allow students to write answers in their books.
    3. Check the answers .
    SB Page 55 , 2c .
    1. Read the instructions .Point out the problems in activity 2b  .
    2. Ask one or two students to say the conversations to the class .
    Step 2  While-task
    SB Page 56 , 3a.
    1. Read the article to the class .Ask Ss which words they don't understand. Write these words on the board .
    2. Ask students to underline the things that are annoying .Then have the students circle what people do when something annoying happen.
    3. Correct the answers with the class .
    SB Page 56 , 3b .
    1. Look at each picture with the class .Ask different students to tell what is happening in each picture .
    2. Read the instructions and ask students to complete the activity on their own .
    3. Check the answers .
    SB Page 56 , Part 4 .
    1. This activity provides speaking ,listening and writing practice using the target language .
    2. Ask students to complete the work in groups


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect