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   Period  2
    Teaching procedures :
    Step 1  Pre-task
    SB Page 54 , 3a .
    1. Read the instructions .Point to the pictures .Ask Ss to explain what is happening in each picture .
    2. Point to the note .Ask Ss to read the note and fill in answers .
    3. Check the answers .
    SB Page 54 , 3b .
    1. Read the instructions .Point out the list of requests and commands in the box .
    2. Ask Ss to make conversation like the sample dialogue .
    3. Ask several pairs to say one of their conversations to the class .
    SB Page 54 , Part 4.
    1. Ask Ss to complete the work in groups .
    2. Ask a few students to share the sample conversation .
    Homework : 完成对话
    A:             mind       up ?  You       to help me in the kitchen .
    B: OK .I'll get up right       . Do I have to       the dishes .
    A: Yes , and you have to help me       dinner .
    B: OK . When I finish       , you help me      my homework ?
    A: Sure .


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