307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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   Period  4
    Teaching contents: Reading:I've been studying history in China .
    Teaching procedures :
    Step 1  Before reading
    SB Page 50 , Section 1 .
    1. In groups of four ,get students to discuss the three questions .
    2. Ask a speaker from one group to tell the class what the group knows .Help to complete any missing dynasties and famous characters the class should know .
    Step 2  While reading
    SB Page 50 , Section 2 .
    1. Ask students to read the passage silently once for general meaning .Ask students if there is anything they don't understand .
    2. Let students read the passage again for detail .
    Step 3  After reading
    SB Page 51 , Section 3 , 3a .Ask students to scan the text for information to complete the sentences .
    SB Page 51 , Section 3 , 3b & 3c .
    1. In groups of three ,let students practice the sample conversations first ,then make their own conversations .
    2. Ask two groups of students to present their own conversations in front of the class .
    Step 4  Go for it
    1. Direct the students' attention to the box and read the heading on the left and ask students to list other things they would miss .
    2. Ask students to share their ideas .
    3. In the same way ,do with the right part of the chart .
    Step 5  Homework
    1. Remember the words and expressions in this unit .
    2. Review the present perfect progressive .


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect