307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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   Unit 6  How long have you been collecting shell ?
    Teaching goals:
    1. Words and expressions in this unit .
    2. 现在完成进行时的用法。
    3. Patterns: How long have you been doing sth ?
    I have been doing sth since … .
    I have been doing sth for … (period of time) .
    4. 谈论人们做某事持续多长时间。
    5. 谈论人们的业余爱好。
    Important and difficult points:
    1. Words and expression in this unit .
    2. 现在完成进行时的用法以及与现在进行时和过去进行时的区别。
    Teaching aids: teaching cards , pictures , a tape recorder .
    Period  1
    Teaching procedures :
    Step 1  Leading in
    Ask one of the students the question: Liu Ziyang, when did you study English ?Help the student answer: I studied English in 2003.Say,in this unit we're going to talk about how long we've been doing things .Then ask :Liu Ziyang, how long have you been studying English ?Help him to answer : I have been studying English since 2003./I have been studying English for two years .Get Ss to repeat .
    Repeat the activity with other students .
    Step 2  Pre-task
    SB Page 44 , 1a .
    1. Ask a student to read the three questions ,and answer the questions as example like this: I started class at 9:00 .I slept for ten hours . I have been skating for five hours/ I have been skating since five years ago .
    2. Have Ss work in groups of four .
    3. Ask the class each question and call on several different students to answer .
    Step 3  While-task
    SB Page 44 , 1b .
    1. Play the recording and get Ss to fill in the chart .
    2. Correct the answers .
    SB Page 44 , 1c .In pairs ,get the students to ask and answer .Then ask some pairs to say their conversations to the class.
    SB Page 45 , 2a & 2b .
    1. Read the instructions and have Ss know what to do .
    2. Play the recording .Ss write down their answers .
    3. Correct the answers .
    Step 4  Post-task
    SB Page 45 , 2c .
    1. Read the example in sample dialogue in activity 2c .
    2. In pairs,role play the interview between Alison and the reporter .
    3. Ask two pairs to say their conversations to the class .
    Step 5  Grammar Focus
    SB Page 45 , grammar focus .
    1. Review the grammar box .
    2. Explain that in these sentences "since" comes before a date and "for" before a period of time .
    3. Ask What is the difference between "How long did you skate ?"and "How long have you been skating?" .Explain that "did" question means that the person has stopped doing the action .The "have you been" question shows that the person is continuing to do the action at the present moment .
    Step 6  Homework
    Review the present perfect progressive .


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect