307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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   Unit 5  If you go to the party , you'll have a great time !
    Teaching goals:
    1. Words and expressions in this unit .
    2. Target language :
    Are you going to the party ?
    Yes , I am . I'm going to wear my jeans .
    If you do , you'll have a great time .
    You should wear your cool pants .
    3. 掌握现在进行时态表示将来(Present progressive as future ).
    4. 学习条件状语从句: if + will .
    5. 进一步了解情态动词should的用法.
    6. 学习谈论因果关系.
    7. 做出决定是否做某事.
    Important and difficult points :
    1. 学习运用be going to 和will构成的一般将来时。
    2. if 引导的条件状语从句。
    Teaching aids : teaching cards , a tape recorder .
    Period 1
    Teaching contents:SectionA 1a,1b,1c,2a,2b,2c,grammar focus .
    Teaching procedures :
    Step 1  Leading in
    Draw two pictures on the Bb ,in the first picture a boy is getting up late ,and in the second picture the boy can't catch the early bus .Then talk about the pictures with Ss and write down the sentence "If you get up late , you will not catch the early bus ."Read the sentences ,Ss repeat .
    Repeat with other sets of pictures .
    Step 2  Pre-task
    SB Page 34 , 1a .
    1. Point out the pictures and ask Ss to tell what they see .
    2. Ask some students to read the statements and responses .
    3. Have Ss match the statements and responses on their own .
    Step 3  While-task
    SB Page 34 , 1b .
    1. Play the tape and get Ss to check their answers to activity 1a .
    2. Talk about the answers together .
    SB Page 34 , 1c .
    1. Ask two Ss to read the example in the sample in activity 1c.
    2. In pairs , get Ss to talk about what happened in the pictures .
    3. Ask some pairs to present their conversations to the class .
    SB Page 35 , 2a & 2b .
    1. Read the instructions .Make sure the students know what to do .
    2. Play the recording .Ss listen and write down their answers .
    3. Correct the answers .
    Step 4  Post-task
    SB Page 35 , 2c .
    1. Ask two students to read the sample dialogue .
    2. In pairs ,get the students to role play the conversation between Andrea and her friend .
    3. Ask a few pairs of students to practice their conversations for the class .
    Step 5  Grammar Focus
    SB Page 35 , Grammar Focus .
    1. Review the grammar focus .Ask Ss to say the statements and responses .
    2. Ask Ss to work in small groups .Ask each group to write down as many sentences like those in the grammar focus as they can.
    3. Ask some groups to share their sentences with the class .
    Homework :
    Have Ss write their sentences on their exercise books.


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect