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   Unit 4  He said I was hard-working .
    Teaching goals:
    1. Vocabulary: hard-working ,report card ,can do better ,speaking ,listening ,average ,surprise .
    2. Patterns: What did your math teacher say ?
    He said he could speak three languages .
    3. 直接引语和间接引语的转换。
    4. 写成绩报告单,并能将自己的成绩报告给他人。
    Important and difficult points :
    1. 新的词汇和习语。
    2. 个人Report card 的写作。
    3. 直接引语转换间接引语中,注意一些关键动词的变化和人称代词的变化。
    Teaching aids : teaching cards , pictures and a tape recorder .
    Period  1
    Teaching contents:SectionA 1a,1b,1c,2a,2b,2c,Grammar focus .
    Teaching procedures :
    Step 1  Leading in
    Ask several Ss what they are going to do after school .Write their sentences on the Bb .
    Step 2  Pre-task
    Say, These Ss talk about what they are going to do after school ,if you want to tell a friend what they said ,how would you tell him ?
    Write the words "He said" and "She said" on the Bb .Say,We can use the words "He said" and "She said" to tell your friend like this :He/She said he/she was going to play basketball after school .Get the Ss to repeat .
    Repeat this process with the other sentences on the Bb .
    Step 3  While-task
    SB Page 26 , 1a .
    1. Ask a student to read the four questions .
    2. point out the TV screens in the picture .Ask one student to read what the person says in the first picture .Then ask another student :What did she/he say ? Help to answer :She/He said she/he was having a surprise party for Lana on Friday night .
    3. Repeat with the other pictures .
    SB Page 26 , 1c .Pairwork.First Ss work in pairs ,then ask some pairs to present their dialogues to the class .
    SB Page 26 , 1b .Play the recording and correct the answers .
    Step 4  Post-task
    SB Page 27 , 2a & 2b .
    1. Ask several Ss to read these sentences .
    2. Play the recording .Ss circle their answer .
    3. Check the answers .
    Step 5  Grammar Focus
    1. Review the grammar box by ask Ss to say the statements .
    2. Explain: In each case ,the direct speech talks about present situations and the reported speech talks about past situations .
    Step 6  Homework
    用she/he said 将直接引语改为间接引语。
    1. I am a clever girl .           2. I am having lunch at school .
    3. I can dance well .           4. I play football every day .
    5. I don't like my younger brother .


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