307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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   Period  2
    Teaching of new lesson
    Step 1  Pre-task
    SB Page 78 , 3a .
    1. Read the directions .Point to the blanks in the conversations .
    2. Ask Ss to think of answers that would be correct in blank 1 for example ,I'm going to the beach or I always go to the beach on hot days .
    3. Ask Ss to finish writing sentences in the blanks on their own .
    4. Ask some pairs of students to read their completed conversations to the class.
    SB Page 78 , 3b .
    1. Point out the conversation in 3a and ask Ss to read it to the class
    2. Ask another student to read the list of possible conversational situations .
    3. Ask pairs to practice the conversation in 3a together .
    4. If the class needs help getting started have the whole class make a conversation together .
    5. Next ask pairs of students to make their own conversation .
    6. Ask some pairs to say their conversations for the class .
    Step 2  While-task
    SB Page 78 , Part 4 .
    1. Read the instructions .
    2. Ask Ss to identify the people in the pictures .
    3. Ask other students to give sample topics of conversation .Topics should be suitable for each person .
    4. Ask Ss to work in groups and role play the conversations .
    5. Ask a few students to share the sample conversations with the rest of the class .


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect