307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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[初二英语](上海牛津版) 初二英语同步辅导主要语法项目

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介词短语表示时间(for, since,at)

People have sent Christmas cards to each other for about 150 years.(时间段)

I have lived here since I was born .(时间点)

at 5 o’clock(时间点)        at Christmas(时间段)


I prefer the one with the white collar.



What do people usually do at Christmas?

Why has electricity become so important in our lives?

Where do we usually find this sign?




The earth travels around the sun.

In winter, the weather starts getting cold and dry.

Electricity is very important to us.


I prefer picture 11 to picture 4.


I think that my mum will become a grandmother.




Although we are old, we still work in the fields every day.


I prefer …to… because…


I left it either on the table or in the drawer.




I’d like to have computer lessons.


We could move the desks into groups ourselves.


Can you write a list of five electrical appliances at home?




Tom is as tall as me.

Tom is not as tall as me.


Mine is bigger than yours.


Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.

原  级
   more  beautiful
   most  beautiful



Mr Wind became very angry.


Picture 2 could be the first slide.




1. Bananas are __________ than apples.

A. expensive           B. more expensive       C. the most expensive     D. expensiver

2. Bananas are ____________ in the fruits.

A. expensive           B. more expensive       C. the most expensive     D. expensivest

3. This room is _______ than that one.

A. clean                  B. the cleanest             C. cleaner                      D. more clean

4. This room is _________in all the rooms.

A. clean                  B. the cleanest             C. cleaner                      D. more clean

5. His hands are as _______as ice.

A. hot                    B. cold                       C. hotter                       D. colder

6. He has not come back _________ she left.

A. since                 B. for                         C. before                      D. until

7. It has been a popular Christmas meal______ more than 300 years.

A. since                  B. for                         C. at                             D. in

8. He wants to buy a T-shirt ______V-neck.

A. in                      B. with                       C. has                          D. of

9. You ____ do your homework now.

A. would               B. would better           C. will                          D. need

10. ___ you close the door? I am very cold .

A. May                  B. Can                       C. Would                      D. Need

11. She ____ to ride a bike .

A. may                  B. would like               C. cans                         D. could

12. ____ she ____ he goes to the park, please do the choice.

A. Neither\ nor       B. Either\ or               C. Both\ and                  D. Not only\ but also

13. She ____pears ____ apples, because she likes to eat pears.

A. prefer\ to            B. likes \and               C. prefers \ to               D. likes\ than

14. ____ she is young ,she goes to school this year.

A. Although            B. But                        C. So                            D. Because

15. ____ Lily ___ Tom do their homework.

A. Neither\ nor       B. Either\ or               C. Both\ and                  D. Not only\ but also

16. oh! where is my book?  It is ___ on the desk ____ in the bag.

A. neither\ nor        B. either\ or                C. both\ and                  D. not only\ but also

17. Tom didn’t come here ____ he was ill.

A. although            B. but                         C. so                            D. because

18. ___ May ___Sue is right. Because I know who right is.

A. Neither\ nor        B. Either\ or               C. Both\ and                  D. Not only\ but also

19. Why does Peter like to eat watermelons?  ____the watermelons are very sweet .

A. Although            B. But                        C. So                           D. Because

20. Which is ____, the sun or the moon?

A. biger                  B. bigger                    C. more big                   D. the biggest



1. Neither she nor he like the cat.     (      )

      A       B    C     D

2. The sun is biger than the moon .     (       )

       A  B  C      D

3. Although she is young, but she is very brave.  (        )

   A       B       C          D



一.                   选择题:

1. B   2. C    3. C    4. B   5. B   6. D    7. B    8. B    9. D    10. B

11. B   12. B   13. C    14. A   15. C    16. B    17. D    18. B   19. D 20. B

二.                   改错

1. C    biger→bigger  2. B  like→likes    3. C 去掉but




1.They would like ________student assistants.

A. be        B. being         C. to be        D. been

2.This pair of shoes _______ mine. Where ______my pants?

A. is, are       B. are, is      C. is, is      D. are, are

3.You must drive ______ next time, or there may be another accident.

A. careful      B. more careful      C. carefully     D. more carefully

4.Which shops will you _______in the shopping center?

A. go     B. go to      C. going     D. to go

5. She prefers ______ with the blue belt.

A. the ones     B. ones       C. the one      D. one

6. He has lived here ________ he was born.

A. after      B. since      C. until     D. at

7._________Kally has a little money, she is still happy.

A. Although    B. Because    C. But    D. So

8.I_______spring to summer.

A. like      B. prefer     C. would like    D. rather

9._________David________Janet goes with me.

A. Both, and     B. Either, of     C. Either, or    D. Neither, of

10._______ part did you enjoy most?

     A. Which     B. What      C. Where      D. Why


二. 连词成句

1.like   do   helping   you   others


2.is  what   favorite   his   sport


3.smallest  is  shirt  this  the


4.prefer  to  cycling  swimming  I


5.tell  you  can  me  story  a


6.out  Let’s  was  strongest  the  in  class  our  who  find  one 


7.does   which   to   need  Mrs Wang   to   go   shop


8.collar  the  blouse  red  prefer  with  I


9.I  be  think  possibly  that  a  I’ll  teacher


Rodgers and Simon were Americans. Once they travelled in Spain(西班牙). One day they came into a little restaurant for lunch. They did not know Spanish, and the waiter did not know their American English, either. They wanted the waiter to understand that they asked for some milk and bread. At first Rodgers read the word “milk” many times. Then Simon spelled it on the table. But the waiter could not understand them at all. At last Rodgers took out a piece of paper and began to draw a cow The waiter looked at it and ran out of the restaurant.

“How clever you are!” Simon said to Redgers, “He understood us at last!” After some time, the waiter came back. He brought no milk with him , but two tickets for a bull-fight down on their table!

1.Rodgers and Simon went into a restaurant ______.                     [    ]

  A.to buy two tickets for a bull-fight

  B.to draw a picture of cow

  C.to have lunch

  D.to buy a cow

2.The waiter did not understand Rodgers and Simon, ______.         [    ]

  A.because he ran out of the restaurant

  B.because he did not know American English and they did not know Spanish

  C.because they wanted some milk and bread

  D.because they drew a cow on a piece of paper

3.Why did the waiter give them two tickets for a bull-fight?            [    ]

  A.Because Rodgers drew a cow not a bull (公牛).

  B.Because the waiter was foolish.

  C.Because the cow drawn by Rodgers looked like a bull.

  D.Because Rodgers drew a bull, not a cow.

4.How many people are there in the story?                  [    ]




  D.More than three.



1-5   C A D B A

6-10  B A B C A

1.Do you like helping others?

2.What is his favorite sport?

3.This is the smallest shirt.

4.I prefer swimming to cycling.

5.Can you tell me a story?

6.Let’s find out who was the strongest one in our class.

7.Which shop does Mrs Wang need to go to?

8.I prefer the blouse with red collar.

9.I think that I’ll possibly be a teacher.





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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect