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307 Temporary Redirect

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[初三英语]Unit 13 The worlds population Lesson 52教案

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Period: The First Period

Content: Lesson 49

Properties: Recorder; Overhead Projector; flashcards.

Teaching Objectives:

  1. Let the students say the numbers.

  2. Learn some new words and useful expressions.

Language focus: population, million, billion, increase, grow, What’s the population of Germany?

Teaching Procedures:

 I. Showing tile teaching aims

 II. Revision

  Revise the numbers between 1 and 100.

 III. Presentation

  Use flashcards or numbers on the blackboard to revise one hundred, present a thousand in the same way. Then present ten thousand/ a hundred thousand/ a million and a billion

  Give the students plenty of practice in reading these numbers. Point out the differences between English and Chinese for 10 000 and 100 000.

 IV. Drill

  Part 1. Play the tape for the students to listen and repeat. Show numbers on the blackboard, to give the students more practice in saying the numbers.

 V. Presentation

  Present more difficult numbers, then go through the model. Point out how commas are used. Let the students try to say the numbers in this exercise. Hay the tape for the students to listen and repeat.

 VI. Practice

  Part 3, using a map of the world, go through contents of the table. Learn the meaning of population.

For example:

  1. Our city has a population of two billion.

  2. What’s the population of Tianjin?

  3. China has the largest population of the world.

  Ask the students some questions, using the model given, e.g.: What’s the population of…? What about the population of…? Finally, get the students to ask and answer in pairs.

 VII. Exercises in class

  Let the students do enough practice in reading the numbers.

  Have a dictation.

  1. What’s the population of France? About fifty - eight million.

  2. The worlds population was about 5 300 million in 1990.

  3. Nine billion, eight hundred and seventy - three million, four hundred and twenty - five thousand, two hundred and sixty - one.

  Work in groups

  Show a picture of the numbers of World’s population. Teacher speak out the names of country or city, and ask the students speak out each number one by one in their group. And then ask the other group to practise this again. Whose sound is correct and clearly? Whose number reading is best?

 VIII. Homework

  1. Revise the numbers

  2. Make five partners in asking the population.



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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect