307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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[初三英语]Lesson 66

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Properties: Recorder, Overhead Projector.

Teaching Objectives:

      1. Let the students understand the text and learn -some new words and phrases.

      2. Go over the Attributive Clause.

Teaching focus: rob somebody, inspector, thief (thieves), detective.

Teaching Procedures:

I. Showing the teaching aims

II. Revision

      Check the students' homework. Go through the dialogue in Lesson 65. Ask some students to act out the dialogue.

III. Leading in

     Say: In Lesson 65, we've learned that someone stole a necklace, he called the policeman. Ask: What will you do if you are robbed? Give the students a few minutes to discuss.

IV. Presentation

     Get the students to look at Exercise 1 in the workbook and read through the questions with the students and make sure they can understand them.

     Let the students read the passage carefully and then discuss their answers in pairs. Finally check the answers with the whole class. Deal with any difficulties that the students may have. Get the students guess the meanings of new words and sentences.

    1. There is no need to thank me.

    2. I need to do something

    3. This is the cage that Polly lives in. There is no chair for me to sit on.

    4. hear someone shouting

    5. hands up = put up your hands

V. Practice

    Speech Cassette, play the tape for the students to listen, then play it again, let the students repeat after it. At last the students can read the following tape.

    Give the students some free time to practise reading aloud. Then ask some of them to read in class. Check their reading.

VI. Workbook

     For Exercise 2, let the students do it orally first, then write down the answers. The answers are: missing, stolen, called, house, necklace, strange, who, without, suddenly, anyone, the, why, be, seen

VII. Consolidation

     Read the passage again, ask the students to understand the sentences with the Attributive Clause. Go over the tense orally. Then tell the students to act out this dialogue.

Exercises in class

     1. Make up a story.

     2. Do Exercise 3 in the workbook, write it down in the exercise book.

VIII. Homework

     Retell the story.

     Revise the grammar: the Attributive Clause.


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect