307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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[初三英语]Lesson 69

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Properties: Computer, Projector, PPT document provided.

Teaching Objectives:

  1. Revise the grammar: The Adverbial Clause.

  2. Let the students understand the dialogue and learn some new words and expressions.

Language Focus:

  so that / so … that, a traffic jam, before long, get angry with somebody, be busy doing something, be badly hurt.

Teaching Procedures:

 I. Showing the teaching aims

 II. Revision

  Revise the vocabulary from the last unit.

necklace            n. 项链
steal       v. 偷;窃取
hands up    举手
shoot     v. 射击;射死
detective    n. 侦探
inspector    n. 警官;监督员
thief      n. (pl. thieves)贼
robber     n. 强盗;盗贼
come down    下来;落
escape      n. & v. 逃走;逃避
conversation   n. 会话;谈话
description    n. 描述;描写
 III. Leading-in

  If you want to make appointment with someone, what will you speak to her/him usually?

  What do you do when you are waiting for someone and he/she is late?

   Get some students answers these questions. And tell them that:

  Today Lily and Li Lei will go to the zoo, they are waiting for Jim to come together, but Jim was late. Why was he late? Listen and find the answer.

 IV. Watch and act

   Show the film Lesson 69-1.asf or the flash Jim is late.swf  which are provided. Lead the students read aloud and act the show in pairs.

 V. Read and work

   Read the text carefully. And finish the exercises below or the listening exercises in the flash Jim is late.swf

  Li LEI: It’s half past ten now! Where’s Jim? I’m ________ to get angry with him!

  LILY : Yes, we can’t wait ________ ________. Let’s go ________ him.

  JIM:   Hi, Lily! Li Lei! I’m very sorry I’m ________ ________.

  Li LEI: What ________?

  JIM:   Well, first I was ________ ________ reading a novel that I forgot to look at the time.

  LILY: That’s a ________ ________ excuse!

  JIM:   Yes, I know. But then I took a taxi ________ ________ I would get here faster.

  Li LEI: Oh? So why ________ ________still late?

  JIM:   My taxi ________ ________ the railway station.

  LILY: That’s terrible! Are you OK? ________ anyone ________?

  JIM:   No, no one was ________ hurt. I ________ my head, but it’s not _____ ____. ____ ____. Let’s go to the zoo.


  beginning, any longer, without, so late, happened, so busy, really bad, so that, were you, crashed near, Was hurt, badly, banged, too painful, Come on.

 VI. Practice

  Teach the word steep. Watch the video Lesson 69-1.asf which is provided. And do the exercise orally, SB Page 82, Part 2.

  Answers: 1. ill  2. painful  3. steep  4. quickly  5. confident

 VII. Retell

  Ask the students to retell the story about part 1 and part 2.

  Useful expression:

  The traffic was very bad.

  He said he was coming.

Did he know when and where we were meeting?

  I’m sure he’ll be here before long.

  It’s half past ten now!

  I’m beginning to get angry with him!

  I’m very sorry I’m so late.

  I was so busy reading a novel that I forgot to look

  I took a taxi so that I would get here faster.

  Was anyone hurt?

  Come on. Let’s go to the zoo.

 VIII. Homework

  Please find some information and pictures about Mount Qomolangma or Everest.

  Prepare a short writing about climbing history of Mount Qomolangma or Everest.



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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect