307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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[初三英语]Lesson 71

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Properties: Recorder, Overhead Projector.

Teaching Objectives:

    1. Revise the grammar: the Adverbial Clause and the Infinitive.

    2. Revise the use of “who, that, which”.

Language Focus: so that

    The Infinitive: to + Verb(原形)

Teaching Procedures:

    I. Showing the teaching aims

    II. Revision

    Check homework, ask some students to retell the story.

III. Presentation

    Give the students some sentences for example to help them understand the structure:

so + adj. /adv. + that(结果)

    1. I am so angry that I can't say a word.

    2. The teacher spoke so fast that we couldn't catch up with him.

    3. The classroom is so dirty that we must clean it.

    Ask the students to make up some sentences with “so… that”, then give same more sentences.

    1. He got up late so that he was late for school.

    2. He ran very fast so that he hit the electric pole.

    Ask the students to do some practice.

IV. Practice

    Look at Exercise 1, ask the students to answer the questions with so that…. The answers are:

    1. I stayed at home so that I could go swimming when I had finished it.

    2. Lucy saved her money so that she could buy her mother a birthday present.

    3. Ling Feng was going to Changsha the next week so that he could visit his sick grandmother.

    4. I was doing my homework so that I could ask him to help me with my physics.

    5. I was looking for Lin Tao so that he could visit sick grandmother.

V. Presentation

    Get the students to make up some sentences like:

    1. I don't know how to get to the station.

    2. She doesn't know which sweater to choose.

    Ask the students to pay attrition to the Infinitive. Give them more examples to understand better, e. g.

    1. I don't know what to do next.

    2. They don't know where to go.

    3. We didn't know when to start.

    Focus on the use of the Infinitive, then give another example:

    It’s very important to learn English well:

    To learn English well is very important.

    Let the students make more sentences, pay attention to the use of the Infinitive.

VI. Practice

    Look at Exercise 2, make sentences with partners. The answers are:

    1. It’s hard / easy to work out these maths problem.

    2. It’s exciting to watch football matches.

    3. It’s interesting to read history books.

    4. It’s hard / easy to learn foreign languages.

VII. Leaning and practice
Do Exercise 3, complete the sentences using who/ that/ which. The answers are:

    1.which 2.who 3.who 4.which 5.who 6.which 7.which 8.who

VIII. Workbook

    Do Exercise 1, let the students translate the sentences alone then check the answers with the students.

    Answers: 1. We arc hungry. We need to buy something to eat. 2. She is very busy today. She has a lot of work to do. 3. Please be quiet! I have something important to tell you. 4. Will you please tell him to turn down the TV a little? 5. nobody knows what to do next? 6. I’m going to the post office to buy a few stamps this afternoon.

    For Exercise 2. Join the two parts and make the students read together.

    For Exercise 3. Get the students to read the story, and fill in the blanks. The answers are: which, who, who, who, who

IX. Summary

    Exercise in class

    l. 昨天他想借我的收音机.

    2. 我需要一些喝的东西。

    3. 他有许多家务要做。

    4. 她叫我说慢一点。

    5. 在街上踢足球很危险。

    6. 学外语不容易。

    7. 我不知道去哪里。

    8. 叫他不要迟到。

X. Homework

    1. Revise the use of the grammar.

    2. Make sentences with the Infinitive.



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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect