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[初三英语]Lesson 72

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Lesson 72 教学设计方案

Properties: Recorder, Overhead Projector and a map of world.

Teaching Objectives:

    1. Practise listening ability.

    2. Revise the grammar: the Comparative Degrees of Adjective and Adverbs

    The Past Perfect Tense

Language Focus: Checkpoint 18

Teaching Procedures:

I. Showing the teaching aims

II. Revision

    Check homework, then ask the students to read the partners' homework to share with each other.

    Revise the use of the Infinitive

III. leading in

    T: Today we'll learn something about Coco. Do you know where she is from?

IV. Listening practice

    Play the tape or for the students to listen and find the answer, then look at the workbook, Exercise 1, go through the questions with the students and make sure they can understand what they mean. Play the tape again, let the students discuss their answers in pains before the teacher checks the answers with the whole class.

V. Presentation

    Show the students a map of the world, and ask: What map is it? Help the students find “China” and “India” on the map. Let the students discuss the two countries: They are developing countries. They have a large population in the world.

    Ask: What’s the population of China and what’s the population of India? Let the students read Part 2 and answer the questions. (China's population is 1 328 000 000 and India's population is 1 000 000 000). That’s to say India’s population is smaller than China’s .Ask the students to use the words in the box to complete the passage, then read together, finally ask the students to retell the text.

VI. Practice

    Revise the Grammar: The Past Perfect Tense, give some examples:

    1. He had left before his wife came back.

    2. I remembered that Peter had already got a bike.

    3. By the end of last month, he had learned 2000 new words.

    4. When I got to the cinema, the film had begun.

    Then ask the students to do Exercise 3. The answers are: 1 C 2 E 3 A 4 B 5 D. Let the  students read these sentences together.

VII. Practice

    Ask the students to do Exercise 4 first, then check the answers. The answers are: had, in, is, more, the, had, to, in, had, that, to, us, and, to

VIII. Workbook

    Give the students five minutes to finish workbook. Do Exercises 1, 3 and 4. Then check the answers.

    The answers to Exercise 1 are: took, went, found, was, called, told, had happened, said, would go, came, was found, checked, founded, said, stole, went, enjoyed, came, found, had stolen, had

    The answers to Exercise 3 are: I worn out 2 try on 3 slow down 4 made up my mind 5 am pleased with 6 were angry with, deserve to 7 at least 8 as if 9 carried on

IX. Summary

Exercises in class

Fill in the blanks according to the text in this unit.

    Lucy and Lily are___1___. They are living together___2___. But sometimes they fight. It doesn't last too___3___. They___4___very well with each other again.

    They look___5__, so it's hard for people to recognize them: Who is Lucy___6__Lily. We always___7___mistakes. They feel___8__. They like most of the same things, for example: music, food and___9__. But Lily likes to___10__, Lucy likes to___11__, they don’t like the same colour,____12___. So they have some___13____Sometimes they disagree, but they never___14__. They love each other and they are___15___happy that they are twins.

    Answers: 1.twins  2.most of the time  3.long  4.get on  5.the same  6.or  7.make  8. the same  9. books  10 .dance  11. sing  12. either  13. differences  14. fight  15.both

X. Homework


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect