307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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[初三英语] 名师点拨 unit6

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重点1    你喜欢什么样的朋友

听过田震的《朋友》这首歌吗?略带沙哑的独特嗓音把朋友诠释得淋漓尽致。朋友对于大家,尤其是独生子女(the only child)来说,是非常重要的。朋友在我们的生活中占有举足轻重的地位(play an important part in our daily life).你的朋友观是怎样的呢?你喜欢什么样的朋友呢?请完成下面关于朋友这个话题的各项任务



任务I.  请列出帮助完成这个话题的词汇及短语Make a vocabulary lists about the topic。


1.  outgoing   ____________  ___________  ______________

____________  ___________  ____________  ____________

2. not silly    _____________  _____________  ____________

3. love sports   ____________  ___________  ______________

____________  ___________  ____________  ____________

4. can keep secrets  _________________  __________________


任务II.  请根据上文的提示,仿照下文例文,介绍一下你的朋友观。


Friends play an important part in my life. I prefer friends who are easygoing and generous. And I like friends who love sports because I’m very good at sports. I don’t prefer friends who are shy or selfish. I like friends who I can tell my worries to, because I need help sometimes. I hope that I can make more friends.


重点2.  你喜欢什么样的校服

在上几个单元,谈论我们自己的校服(school uniforms)时,大家一个个都慷慨激昂。少数同学(a few students) 表示不介意,能够接受,然而,大部分同学(most of the students)都说我们不应该被允许穿这样的校服( We shouldn’t be allowed to wear such school uniforms),甚至提出我们应该被允许设计自己的服装(We should be allowed to design our own clothes. )那么,你们喜欢什么样的衣服呢?请完成下面关于服装这个话题的各项任务。



任务I.  请列出帮助完成这个话题的词汇及短语Make a vocabulary lists about the topic。


1. original  ____________   _____________   ______________

_____________   ___________  ___________   ___________

2. not ugly ____________   _____________   ______________

3. out of style  _______________


任务II.  请根据上文的提示,仿照下文例文,介绍一下你的服装观。请注意语言的丰富。建议用上下列结构:

1)prefer        2) don’t prefer       3) like         4) don’t like

5) can’t stand


I don’t like our uniforms at all because they are ugly. I can’t stand clothes that are ugly and out of style. I prefer clothes that are unusual. And I don’t prefer clothes that are not comfortable, I don’t like clothes that are too expensive, either. If I can design our own uniforms, I will design clothes that are fashionable and comfortable.


重点3.  你喜欢什么样的音乐



任务I.   音乐种类知多少(the kinds of music)

____________         ____________           ____________

____________         ____________           ____________


任务II.  请列出帮助完成这个话题的词汇及短语Make a vocabulary lists about the topic。

A. music

1. quiet    ____________   _____________   ______________

_____________   ___________  ___________   _____________

2. not too loud      ________________

3. can sing along with ______________________

4. has great lyrics

B. musicians

_______________________     _______________________

C. singers/band/groups

_______________________     _______________________

任务III. 请根据上文的提示,仿照下文例文,介绍一下你的音乐观。请注意语言的丰富。建议用上下列结构:

1.I like       2. I prefer        3. I love       4. don’t…

5. music        6. musicians       7. singers/band/groups


When I am stressed out, I always listen to music to relax myself. I like music that is quiet and gentle. So, my favorite music is country. This music is great because it has great lyrics. I don’t like music that is too loud. I can’t stand dance music. I prefer musicians who can write their original lyrics. I like singers who can sing  the words clearly. My favorite singer is John Denver. You can listen to his music at night with your bedroom light on. He is moody, I think. The music reminds me of love.


难点    定语从句

一、              既这个从句起的作用与形容词完全一样,起修饰和限定主句里名词的作用。可以形容人,物和事件,在主句中充当定语的作用。试比较:

1.    I like quiet music.

2.   I like music that is quiet.

二、              定语从句中的关系代词

1.    指人:who / whom

2.   指物:that / which

三、              关系代词在从句中的作用

1.    充当从句里的宾语

eg. He is the man who (whom/that) I met.

= ( I met ) the man

I love music that ( which ) I can dance to.

              = ( I can dance to ) music

2.   充当从句里的主语

 I prefer friends who are easygoing.

                 = friends

I can’t stand music that are too loud.

                 = music



任务I.     阅读下列句子,再用who/that 填空。

1.I have a brother ____ likes soccer.

2.Tom doesn’t like movies _____

    are too long and too scary.

3. We prefer groups _______ play

    loud and energetic songs.

3.        He likes friends _______ often help each other.


任务II. 请将下列题中的两个句子合并成一个句子。

1.I like music.

The music is loud and exciting.


2. She loves movies.

The movies are romantic.


3. Tony likes music.

He can dance to the music.



任务III.   请完成下列句子。

1. I like singers who_______.

  I prefer singers who______.

  He likes singers who_______.

  She prefers singers who____.

2.  I like mobile phones that____.

3. I like (    )that_____




1. easygoing, intelligent, generous, smart, honest, confident, healthy, athletic, nice, knowledgeable

2. not selfish, not moody, not shy

3. love music, cartoons, drawing, comics, stamps, playing basketball

4. can sing well, can play with me

任务II.  (略)



1.          comfortable, beautiful, unusual, special, fashionable, cool, cheap

2.        not expensive, not common, not usual,

3.        old-fashioned

任务II. ( 略 )

重点3.  任务I.

pop, country, jazz, rock, classical, blue, dance


A. 1. loud, gentle, energetic, slow, fast, exciting, crazy

2. not noisy,

4.        can dance to

B. can write their own songs, can play different kinds of music

C. can make us happy, can play original music

任务III. (略)

难点    任务I.

who, that, that, who


1.          I like music that is loud and exciting.

2.        She loves movies that are romantic.

3.        Tony likes music that he can dance to.


1. can write their own songs   (这四句答案可相同。)

2.look cool

3.books, tell about how to become a good tennis player.



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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect