307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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[初三英语]名师点拨 unit4

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重点1   million

a hundred                   100

a thousand                  1,000

ten thousand                10,000

a million                    1,000,000


重点2   -if句

上个学期,我们曾经学过由if 引导的句子,你还记得吗?对了,“ I’ll not go to the zoo if it rains tomorrow. ( 假如明天下雨,我就不去动物园。) You can come to the party if you don’t wear jeans.( 如果你不穿牛仔裤,你就能来舞会。)” 这个学期又在本单元见到了似曾相识的同样由if引导的句子,比如:“If I won the lottery, I would give it to medical research. ( 假如我赢了彩票的话,我就捐给医学研究。) If I were you, I would wear jeans and T-shirt.( 如果我是你,我就穿牛仔裤和T恤。)”



1.something may possible happen



If he has time, he will come tomorrow.

If she finishes early, she can come back early.

If you don’t do homework, the teacher will scold you.


2.it is just imaginary, and nothing will happen 某事只是想象的,并不会发生,或者发生的可能性很小。则要用我们常说的虚拟语气。例如:

If he were kind, he would help me with it.              (He isn’t.)

If I had more money, I would buy all of them.          (I don’t.)

If he were generous, he would give us a good treat.     (He isn’t.)

If you were tired, you would find a good job.           (You aren’t.)

If I were you, I would buy the dearest one.            ( I am not.)



任务I.  请用正确的形式填空。

1. If I come, I ________ ( see ) you.

2. If it is fine, we______( go ) for a walk.

3. If it rained, they _________ ( stay ) at home.

4. You will spoil it if you ______ ( not be ) careful.

5. We would be very much pleased if you _____( come ).

6. Will you help me if I _____ ( need ) you.

7. They will get wet if it _____ ( rain ).

8. What a pity I haven’t got my car. If I had, I _________( take ) you to the airport.

9. We would answer if we _____( can ).

10. If you eat too much, you ______( get ) ill.


任务II.  请根据给的线索将下列句子补充完整。

A.eg.      If I were poor, I would do my shopping in cheaper stores.

1. If I were trapped in a lift,____________________________.

2. If I had a flat tire on my way home,_____________________.

3. If I heard a noise outside my apartment in the middle of the night,


4. If someone was following me down a dark street, _________________.

5. If I were short of five yuan for a tennis racket, __________________.

6. If I found a wallet in the street with a lot of cash in it, __________.

B. eg. If I won one million dollars in the lottery , I’d put it in the bank and   watch it grow.

1.       _____________________________, I’d leave my home city.

2.______________________________ , I might not speak to you again.

3._______________________________, I’d be very miserable.

4. _______________________________, I’d be frightened.

5._______________________________, I’d be extremely happy.


任务III.  综合题:请根据上下文完成对话。

1. A: What are you doing this evening?

  B: I’m not sure. If there _____ ( not be ) anything good on TV. I think I _______(read) a detective story. Or maybe I______  ( go ) to bed 


2. A: What time will Kate be home?

   B: If I ________(know) I ________(tell) you. But unfortunately, she didn’t say a word with me because we argued yesterday.

   A: Well, if she _____(get) home before 10:00, please ask her to call me.

3. A: I’m so stressed out.

   B: It’s none of my business, but if I ________( be )you, I _______( take ) some time off.

4. A: I’m afraid your flight has been delayed due to bad weather.

  B: Oh no! When will it take off?

  A: We don’t have any idea yet. If it_________ ( stop ) snowing this evening, then your flight _____________ (depart) some time tonight.

A: What are the chances that will happen?

B: It’s too early to tell. I ________( let ) you know if I ______( hear ) any news.


任务IV. 开放性试题 (任选一题)

1.              What would you do if you had a lot of money?

2.             If I were the headmaster of my school, I would…





1. will see,    2. will go     3. would stay      4. are not      5. came

6. need       7. rains      8. would take      9. could       10. will get

任务II.  A.

1.        I would call up the police.

2.      I would run to the repairing station.

3.      I wouldn’t sleep at all.

4.      I would run the fastest.

5.      I would borrow it from my parents.

6.I would give it to the police.

B. 1. If I did something wrong

2.     If you said something bad about me

3.     If I had little pocket money

4.     If I heard a strange noise at night

5.     If I got good grades in the mid-term test,


1.isn’t, will read, will go         2. knew, would, gets

3. were, would take             4. stopped, would, depart, will let, hear

任务IV. (略)


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect