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307 Temporary Redirect

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[初三英语]名师点拨 unit3

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重点2. agree和disagree的用法

agree/disagree with sb.           同意/不同意某人

agree / disagree on sth.           同意/不同意某事

agree / disagree + that 从句       同意/不同意……

重点3  need的用法




作实义动词时,need同别的行为动词一样,有人称和数的变化,后接带to do的不定式,此时,否定式要在need前面加don’t (doesn’t, didn’t),疑问句用do (does, did)提问。

注意: 作情态动词用时, need只用于疑问句中和否定句中,而在肯定句中常用must, have to, should, ought to等。



任务I. 翻译词组:

1. 驾驶执照                             2. 打耳洞

3. 15岁的青少年                         4. 熬夜

5. 代替                                 6. 参加一次考试

7. 通过一次考试                         8. 考试不及格

9. 对……要求严格                       10. 几天以前

11. 向……学习                          12. 目前

13. 对……有好处                        14. 英汉辞典


任务II. 选词填空:

agree, allow, pierced, choose, fail, silly, license, instead of, learn from, be strict with


1.        Are you allowed to __________________ your own clothes?

2.      We should ___________________ our monitor. He is the best in our class.

3.      I ______________ teenagers should be home by 9:00 pm.

4.      If we don’t study hard, we ______________________ the test.

5.      Some students often play games ________________ playing computer in computer class.

6.      I am _________________ to wear jeans at home.

7.      Our teachers _______________________ us. They make a lot of strict rules for us.

8.      You can go with Tony. He just got his driver’s ___________.

9.      We shouldn’t be allowed to get our ears _________________.

10.   The boy is a little ________________. He often goes out without an umbrella on rainy days.


任务III. 连词成句:

1.        be, part- time, allowed, jobs, sixteen-year-olds, to, should, have


2.      teenagers, to, with, I, be, do, think, allowed, friends, homework, should


3.       not, to, late, am, to, class, allowed, get, I


4.      should, strict, teenagers, be, parents, not, too, with


5.      to, with, time, teenagers, spend, need, friends


6.      aren’t, that, enough, they, age, serious, at


任务IV. 用所给词的正确形式填空:

1.        Teenagers should be _____________ (allow) to choose their clothes.

2.      Sixteen-year-olds __________________ (be) not allowed to drive.

3.      He should stop ____________________ (wear) those silly earrings.

4.      Young people need _______________ (sleep) about 8 hours at least.

5.      We should pass the test instead of _______________ (fail) the test.

6.      We have a lot of ___________________ (rule) at school.

7.      I think your father _________________ (be) strict with you!

8.You have to ______________ (be) 18 before you are allowed to drive.


任务V. 朗读下面的文章。

Should Students Wear School Uniforms?

As we know, wearing school uniforms is indispensable for Japanese students, whereas for American students, it is not such a case, so should Chinese students wear school uniforms?

Some believe in the advantages of wearing school uniforms. Firstly, uniforms can cultivate collective spirit, which is typical of Japanese students. Secondly, schools can be kept in good order with uniform since the outsiders will be recognized immediately. Beside, wearing school uniform can help students develop simple life habits. However, others don’t think so. They claim that wearing school uniform will deprive students of individuality, which is always the source of amazing creativity. As for collective spirit, attending sports games seems to be more effective, and wearing school uniform doesn’t result in simple life habit as we expect.




任务VI.     针对初三这一年的学习生活,结合自己的理想,谈谈在饮食、健康、学习等方面自己的打算,并给家长或老师写一封信,谈谈自己应该被允许和不被允许做的事情,并阐明理由。

_____________ ,










driver’s license, get ears pierced, fifteen-year-olds, stay up, instead of, take a test, pass a test, fail a test, be strict with sb., a few days ago, learn from, at present, be good to, English-Chinese-Dictionary


1. choose,     2. learn from,    3. agree,   4. will fail      5. instead of,   

6. allowed,    7. are strict with    8. license,       9. pierced,   10. silly


1.        Sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to have part-time jobs.

2.      I think teenagers should be allowed to do homework with friends.

3.      I am not allowed to get to class late.

4.      Parents should not be too strict with teenagers.

5.      Teenagers  need to spend time with friends.

6.      They aren’t serious enough at that age.


1.allowed       2. are     3. wearing       4. to sleep        5. failing

6. rules         7. is        8. be


1. uniforms can cultivate collective spirit

2. schools can be kept in good order with uniform

3. wearing uniforms can help students develop simple life habits.
 1. wearing school uniform will deprive students of individuality

2. attending sports games seems to be more effective

3. wearing school uniform doesn’t result in simple life habit


Dear Mr. Wang,

        It seems that I’m very busy this year because we are going to take the entrance exam to high schools. I think I should be allowed to eat snacks during the break because I always get hungry near noon. I should be allowed to eat junk food everyday, because it’s delicious and I really like it. I should be allowed to play soccer after school. It’s good for my health too. I want to be a computer programmer when I grow up. So I should be allowed to join a computer club on weekends. Besides, I think I am old enough to get a driver’s license. I want to drive my car to school every day.



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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect