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307 Temporary Redirect

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[初三英语]名师点拨Unit2 I used to be afraid of the dark

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重点1  词汇回顾及分类

     以前我们学过如何描述人的外貌、性格、习惯、爱好。你的vocab- builder中这几方面的词汇和短语有多少呢?请在自己的练习本上试着列举。



任务I.  把我带回家


humorous, spider, right, funny, comic, shy, ugly, chew, friendly, secret, serious, kind, outgoing,curly hair, serious, bald, intellectual,

1.        性格用词

_________   ________   _________   _________

_________   ________   _________   _________


_________   ________   _________   _________

_________   ________   _________   _________

3.      请再写出5句话描述你过去常常做的或喜欢做的事情。


2) ___________________________________________.

3) ___________________________________________.

4) ___________________________________________.

5) ___________________________________________.

重点2  used to的用法

单词有了,词组有了,赶快拿来给used to用吧!

It seems that I’ve changed a lot.

I used to  …
personality 性格      be + adj.  (generous, wild, quiet, intelligent etc.)
activities 做事情(习惯爱好等) do sth. (get up early, eat junk food etc.)

此外,表达害怕的短语还有 be terrified of, 用法跟be afraid of一样。还有be afraid to,其后只能加动词原形。


任务I. 调查并完成表格内容。



 I used to
 my friend used to
 soccer ball
 hot dog
 任务II.    单项选择填空

a)        Amy is ________ in English.

A. interesting     B. interested    C. interests

b)        Mario is afraid of _______ alone.

A. be    B. being    C. is

c)        More and more people like ______ to music.

A. listen    B. listens    C. listening

d)        I used _______ TV in the evenings.

A. to watch    B. watching   C. watched

e)        I used to have short hair but now I have _____ hair.

A. curly   B. long   C. straight

f)        Which of the following is a kind of insect?

A. spider    B. snake   C. monkey

g)        I don’t like going out. I’m very _______.

A. funny    B. quiet    C. quite

h)        Most of us will spend more time ______ lessons.

A. study    B. to study   C. studying

i)          I used to be _____ because I’m afraid of speaking in public.

A. shy     B. funny    C. alone

j)         My sister likes music. My father used to take her to the ____.

A. hospital     B. amusement park    C. concerts

任务III.  根据句意,选择恰当的单词或词组,并用其正确形式填空。

with… on , used to, be terrified of, look after, humorous, terrify, be alone, speak in front of a large group

k)        I used to be shy. I couldn’t ___________________.

l)          My friend, Amy is very __________. She likes telling stories.

m)      I used to be afraid of the dark. I went to sleep _____ my light ______.

n)        Tina is afraid of ___________. She wants to make mew friends.

o)        Amy used to __________________ snakes.

p)        ______ you _____ have long hair?

q)        I used to play with my friends when I was young. But now I have to __________ my sick grandfather.

任务IV.  拓展阅读               (A)

   I used to travel by air a great deal of when I was a boy. My parents used to live in South America and I used to fly there from Europe in the holidays. An airhostess would take charge of me and I never had an unpleasant experience. I am used to traveling (习惯于某事)by air and only on one occasion have I ever felt frightened. After taking off, we were flying low over the city and slowly gaining height(逐步升高), when the plane suddenly turned round and flew back to the airport. While we were waiting to land, an air-hostess told us to keep calm and to get off the plane quietly as soon as it had touched down. Everybody on board was worried and we were curious to find out what had happened. Later we learned that there was a very important person on board. The police had been told (被告诉,得知)that a bomb had been planted on the plane. After we had landed, the plane was searched thoroughly(被彻底搜查). Fortunately, nothing was found and five hours later we were able to take off again.


(    ) 1. The writer used to fly much when he was a boy.

(    ) 2. The writer’s parents used to live in South Africa.

(    ) 3. While they were waiting to land, an air-hostess told them not  to be calm.

(    ) 4. Nothing was found and nine hours later they could take off again.

(    ) 5. There was really a bomb on the plane.

任务V.   写作练习:  _____________  grown up (……长大了)


重点1    任务I

1.性格用语答案不唯一 humorous, funny, shy, ugly, friendly,serious, kind, outgoing,generous, moody,

2.外貌用语答案不唯一  ugly, curly hair, bald, tall, short, medium height, medium build, slim, plump, blonde hair

3.  1)I used to like music.

2)  I used to play basketball after school.

3) I used to learn boxing.

4) I used to speak a little French but now I forget.

5) I used to have few friends here but now I have many of them.

重点2   任务I

 I used to
 my friend used to
 history books
 History books
 hot dog
 junk food
 healthy food
 sports show
 talk shows
 soap operas


任务II    单项选择填空

1.  B   2. B  3.C  4. A  5.B  6.A  7.B  8.C  9.A  10.C

任务III    根据句意,选择恰当的单词或词组,并用其正确形式填空。

1. speak in front of a large group    2. humorous

3. with… on    4. being alone,     5. be terrified of

6. Did…use…to      7. look after,

任务IV   拓展阅读

 1. √    2. ×    3. ×     4. ×    5. ×

任务V   写作练习  :_____________  grown up!



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307 Temporary Redirect

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