307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect

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[初三英语]上学期Lesson 20

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   Language Focus:
  1. Useful expressions: think about; get a chance; take
  2. Grammar: the Object clause
    Im not sure where I want to go on holiday.Properties: Recorder; Overhead Projector; picturesTeaching Procedures:
  Ⅰ. Showing aims
  Have the students know what they will learn in this lesson and what they will do in this class:
  1. Revise some useful expressions of Unit 5.
  2. Study the grammar: the Object Clause.
  3. Know how to get the information about trips.
  4. Learn how to make a conversation about trips.
  5. Know more about Hainan.  Ⅱ. Revision
  1. Revise some useful expressions of Unit 5. Get the students to make sentences with them.
  2. Play "What did he ask?" in groups of three. Make sure the students can use the Object Clause correctly.
  3. Ask one student to introduce something about Hainan. Ⅲ. Listen
  Part 1. Listening cassette. Play the tape twice for the students to listen and do Exercise 1 in the workbook. Play the tape again for the students to check the answers. Then check with the whole class. See if the students can understand. Ⅳ. Read and act
  Part 2. Speech Cassette. Books closed, play the tape. Ask:
  How did Joy think about his trip to Hainsn? (wonderful)
  How did Lily feel when she heard about the scuba diving? (really cool)
  Get the students to find the answer to questions, then check with the class. Play the tape again. Get the students to listen and repeat. They should match their intonation with the dialogue on the tape.
  Books open. Practice the dialogue in pairs. Get some pairs to act out the dialogue, without looking at the books if possible. Ⅴ. Practice
  Have the students work in pairs. Encourage the students to make up their own dialogues. Ⅵ. Ask and answer
  Part 3. Work in pairs. Give the students a few minutes to prepare their dialogues. Ask four pairs to share their dialogues with the whole class. Ⅶ. Presentation
  Ask one student to act as a traveler, the teacher acts as a waiter at the travel office. Precent a dialogue like this:
  T: May I help you?
  S: Could you tell me where I can book a room?
  T: Oh, the Sunshine Hotel.
  S: Do you know how much it costs?
  T: 200 yuan a day.
  S: How many restaurants do the Sunshine Hotel have?
  T: Two.
  Have the students practice this dialogue in pairs, then make the students make up their own dialogues, ask some of them to share their dialogues with the class. Ⅷ. Look, speak and say
  Tell the students that theyre traveling on Inner Mongolia. Ask them to read the three brochures. Then ask the students to write a short passage about their stay at one of the hotels in Inner Mongolia. They can choose any hotel. Ⅸ. Workbook
  For Exercise 2. Get the students to read the words.
  For Exercise 3. Have the students discuss what they need during the traveling.
  For Exercise 4. Get the students to read to read in pairs. Then make up similar dialogues. It can be done after class.
  Do Exercise 5 as homework. Ⅹ. SummaryExercises for class  Complete the passage
  My family ________ ________ ________ holiday soon, we are thinking ________ ________ to Hainan. I beard the ________ ________ there was ________ ________, so I want to have a scuba lesson first, and I think it ________ ________ wonderful. And I ________ think the fish and the coral reefs are ________. I hope I will ________ ________ ________ ________ there.
Answers: is going on about going best thing scuba diving must be also beautiful have a good time Ⅺ. Homework
  Finish off the exercises in the workbook Revise Unit 5.


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307 Temporary Redirect

307 Temporary Redirect