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  horse马  elephant大象  bear熊  tiger老虎  monkey猴子  panda熊猫

  pencil铅笔  quilt被子  back退后  look at看  friend朋友  little小的

  white白色  long长的  who谁  all全部的  how about怎么样  road路

  kite风筝  bin垃圾箱  park公园  building建筑物


  1.Look at the horse. It‘s big and brown. 2.Look at the elephant. It’s fat.

  3.Look at the tiger.  It‘s yellow and brown

  4.Look at the monkey.  It’s thin.5.Look at the panda.  It‘s fat.

  6.Look at the building.  What do you see?

  7.Look at the road.  Look at the car.  The car is fast.

  8.Look at the park.  What do you see?  I see a slide and a swing.

  9.Look at the bin.  It’s small and dirty.

  10.Com here, Mom.  Look at the chick  It‘s small and yellow.

  It has two legs.  I like it.

  11.Go there, May.  Look at the elephant.  It’s big and white.

  It has a long nose and four legs.  It can dance.

  12.Go there, Sam.  What do you see?  I see a pig.  It‘s big and white.

  Come here, Mum!  OK.  What do you hear, Mum?

  “Oink, oink”.  A pig goes “oink, oink”.

  13.I have a friend.  She is black and white.  She is fat.

  She has a black nose and two black and white ears. She has a short tail.

  She likes to eat bamboo(竹子)leaves.  Who is she?  She is a panda.

  14.What is this?  It is a bear.  It’s big and yellow.

  15.What colour is it?  It is pink.  It‘s a pink pig.


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