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(一)喜欢和不喜欢句型:(module 1-2)

  (1)A:What do you like? (你喜欢什么)      What does he/she like? (他/她喜欢什么?)

  B:I like jigsaws. (我喜欢拼图)          He/She likes bikes.(他/她喜欢自行车)

  (2)A:Do you like dolls? (你喜欢娃娃吗?)

  B:Yes, I do./No, I don‘t. (是的,我喜欢/不,我不喜欢)

  (3)I don’t like this party. (我不喜欢这个聚会)

  He/She dosen‘t like these shoes. (他/她不喜欢这双鞋)

  (二)have句型:(module 3)

  (1)We have English in the morning. (早上我们有英语课)

  (2)Do you have Maths in the afternoon? (下午你有数学课吗?)

  Yes, I do./ No, I don’t. (是的,我有。/不,我没有)

  (三)时间句型:(module 4-5)

  (1)A:What‘s the time now? (现在几点了?)

  B:It’s 2 o‘clock. (两点了)

  It’s half past 7. (7点半了)

  (2)A:Is it 5 o‘clock? (是5点吗?)

  B:Yes, it is./ No, it isn’t.

  (3)I get up at 7 o‘clock in the morning. (我早上7点起床)

  I have breakfast at half past 7 in the morning. (我早上7点半吃早饭)

  (四)有关周末活动的句型:(module 6-7)

  (1)A:What do you do at the weekend? (周末你做什么?)

  B:I watch TV. (我看电视)

  (2)A:Do you play football at the weekend? (你周末踢足球吗?)

  B:Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.

  (3)A:Where do you play football? (你在哪踢足球?)

  B:I play at the park. (我在公园踢)

  (五)交通方式句型:(module 8)

  (1)A:How do you go to school? (你怎么去学校?)

  B:I go to school by bus.(我乘公共汽车去上学)

  I walk to school. (我步行去学校)

  (2)A:How does your father go to work? (你爸爸怎么去上班?)

  B:He goes to work by bike. (他骑自行车去上班)

  (3)A:Does Tom go to school by car? (Tom 乘小汽车去上学吗?)

  B:Yes, he does./ No, he doesn‘t.

  (六)有关四季的句型:(module 9)

  (1)It’s spring/ summer/ autumn/ winter.

  (2)It‘s warm/ hot/ cool/ cold.

  (3 )  We wear jackets.

  (七)有关新年的句型:(module 10)

  Happy new year.(新年快乐)

  Happy Christmas.(圣诞快乐)

  We eat dumplings at Chinese new year. (在中国的新年我们吃饺子)



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