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  1. ---What did     do last      ?

   ---He went to       .

   ---How did he go there?

   ---He went there by      .

  2. ---There was a        yesterday.

  ---Was it       music?

  ---Yes, it was.

  ---Who      in the concert?

  ---My      .She played the guzheng.

  ---What's a guzheng?

  ---It's a         instrument.


  (  ) 1.A.He was five years old.

       B. He looked after sheep.

       C. He was my friend.

  (  ) 2.A.No,I didn't.

       B. No, I wasn't.

       C. No, I won't.

  (  ) 3.A.I bought a new book.

       B. I saw a boy crying .

       C. I played a Chinese instrument.

  (  ) 4.A.We went to a concert.

       B. We are looking after a baby.

       C. We will go to a concert.



  1. have/has---            2.see---

  3. come---               4.laugh---

  5. shout---     

  7. buy---                8.break---

   9. run---                10.draw---

   11. drink---              12.sing---

   13. take---               14.write---

   15. clap---               16.stop---



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