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[初三英语]九年级英语上册Module 11教案2

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Unit 2 I would go around the world.
    ■ Warm up by talking about cities.
    Hello, class. We are living here in this small village. But do you want to live in a city? Why do you want to move to cities? You want to move to cities because cities offer you lots of exciting things. In cities, you can go to parks, go to supermarkets, go to libraries, go to cinemas. You can do lots of interesting things there. But do you know there are lots of problems in big cities. Life is not so pleasant in big cities. Then what are some of the problems?
    Let's go to page 90 to find out.  
    ■Read the passage.
    On page 90 is an article called Visions of the city. It is Parkville. Now start reading it. While reading, try to: cut/ the sentence into thought groups, study the predicative, darken the connectives and underline all the useful expressions. (阅读过程中,断开/意群,观察谓语构成,圈出连词,摘录短语搭配。)
    Useful expressions (有用的短语搭配)
    live in…, come to… 50 years ago, a quiet country village, in the centre of the country, at that time, a small house on the edge of town, with some fields and the hills in the distance, be close to a big city, people from the countryside, arrive in…, find jobs, have a better life, needed somewhere to live, be expensive to live in…, the centre of …, the city government, build flats around…, the edge of the city, become a suburb of …, have over a million people, no room for…, the small local school in…, close down, close to the centre of …, get to school, add to the traffic and pollution, better public transport, private cars, run a big city, protect…from crime, need more laws and more police, pay for…, think of…,  have the same problems as…
    ■Draw a diagram of the text and retell the story with the help of it.
    ■ Retell the text.
    Next try to retell the text in your own words with the help of the diagram.
    50 years ago, Parkville was a quiet country village in the centre of the country. But soon, Parkville became a suburb of Arnwick, a city close to it. The small local school in Parkville closed down five years ago. Students have to go to a school close to the centre of Arnwick. Going to a faraway school adds to the traffic and pollution. Larger hospitals and more doctors, better public transport and fewer private cars are needed in Arnwick. More shops, offices are needed. Running a big city and protecting people from crime is also difficult. So more laws and more police are needed.
    ■ Close down by talking about Jo and his place.
    We are going to turn text into a talk. I am the one invited to talk to you something about Jo and his place. And you are going to ask me questions. Shall we start?
    Unit 3 Language in use
    ■Warm up by acting out the text.
    Hi, class. Let's go to page 90. We shall try to turn the text into a play and act it out. Which group is ready?
    ■Study uses of "articles".
    1. 不定冠词的用法
    不定冠词a (an)与数词one 同源,是"一个"的意思。a用于辅音音素前,一般读作[e],而an则用于元音音素前,一般读做[en]。
    1) 表示"一个",意为one;指某人或某物,意为a certain。
    A Mr. Ling is waiting for you.
    2) 代表一类人或物。
    A knife is a tool for cutting with.
    Mr. Smith is an engineer.
    3) 词组或成语。
    a little / a few / a lot / a type of / a pile / a great many / many a / as a rule / in a hurry / in a minute / in a word / in a short while / after a while / have a cold / have a try / keep an eye on / all of a sudden
    2. 定冠词的用法
    Take the medicine. 把药吃了。
    He bought a house. I've been to the house.
    the sun, the sky, the moon, the earth
    4)单数名词连用表示一类事物,如:the dollar 美元;
    the fox 狐狸;或与形容词或分词连用,表示一类人:the rich 富人; the living 生者。
    5)用在序数词和形容词最高级,及形容词only, very, same等前面:
    Where do you live? I live on the second floor.  你住在哪?我住在二层。
    That's the very thing I've been looking for.  那正是我要找的东西。
    They are the teachers of this school.指全体教师)
    They are teachers of this school.  (指部分教师)
    She caught me by the arm.. 她抓住了我的手臂。
    the People's Republic of China  中华人民共和国
    the United States  美国
    9)用在表示乐器的名词之前:  She plays the piano. 她会弹钢琴。
    10) 用在姓氏的复数名词之前,表示一家人:
    the Greens  格林一家人 (或格林夫妇)
    11) 用在惯用语中:
    in the day, in the morning (afternoon,evening), the day after tomorrow 
    the day before yesterday, the next morning,
    in the sky (water,field,country)
    in the dark, in the rain, in the distance, 
    in the middle (of), in the end,
    on the whole, by the way, go to the theatre
    3. 零冠词的用法
    1) 国名,人名前通常不用定冠词:England,Mary;
    They are teachers. 他们是教师。
    Failure is the mother of success. 失败乃成功之母。
    Man cannot live without water. 人离开水就无法生存。
    5)在季节、月份、节日、 假日、日期、星期等表示时间的名词之前,不加冠词;
    We go to school from Monday to Friday.  我们从星期一到星期五都上课。
    The guards took the American to General Lee.
    7)在三餐、球类运动和娱乐运动的名称前,不加冠词 如:have breakfast,play chess
    I can't write without pen or pencil.  没有钢笔和铅笔,我就写不了字。
    9)当by 与火车等交通工具连用,表示一种方式时,中间无冠词;by bus,by train;
    school,college,prison,market,hospital,bed,table,class,town, church,court 等个体名词,直接置于介词后,表示该名词的深层含义;
    go to hospital  去医院看病
    go to the hospital  去医院 (并不是去看病,而是有其他目的)
    a. 序数词前有物主代词
    b. 序数词作副词  He came first in the race.
    c. 在固定词组中  at (the) first, first of all,  from first to last
    ■Read Around the world.
    Turn to page 95. Let's go on to travel around the world by reading the passage called Population and water.
    While reading, try to: cut/ the sentence into thought groups, study the predicative, darken the connectives and underline all the useful expressions. (阅读过程中,断开/意群,观察谓语构成,圈出连词,摘录短语搭配。)
    Useful expressions (有用的短语搭配)
    in many countries, the shortage of water, the main problems, with more and more people, less and less water, a lot of the available water, be polluted, carries disease, less available water underground, grow food, walk hours, bring water back to…, with more and more people in…,   get good clean water, become a problem, in many places, a pie chart, in the year 2050, world population, 58% people, have enough water
    ■Close down by putting the passage into a conversation. (改写)
    We are to turn the text into a conversation.


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