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[初二英语]Module 2 Unit 3 Santa Clause is coming to town

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Module 2  Unit 3  Santa Clause is coming to town


一. 本周教学内容:

    Module 2  Unit 3  Santa Clause is coming to town


二. 教学过程


advertisement                 angel                       carol

eve                               cracker                   evergreen

hang                             exchange                 honest

mince                            noel                        patient

oxen                             prepare                    pull

public                            robin                       shepherd

sew                              stable                      stocking

tube                             unwrap                   voice

wreath                          yule-log                   holly






    We have already finished the work.


    He has returned home.

否定句式 have(has)+not+过去分词

We have not seen each other for seven years.


    haven’t = have  not

hasn’t = has  not

we’ve = we  have

另外,what’s有可能是what is或what has两种形式,需要根据上下文确定。


一般疑问句式 have(has)+主语+过去分词+其他

Has Jim already met you?



I have just arrived. 我刚到。


He was praised. 他受到了表扬。


a well-written book 写得很好的书

a girl called Mary 叫玛丽的女孩


a broken glass 打碎的玻璃杯



结构    …先行词(被修饰名词或代词)+关系代词或关系副词+…

The river(主语…先行词)which runs through the city(定语从句)is a beautiful sight.(谓语)    穿过这座城市的那条河流是一道美丽的风景。

A doctor is   a person   who   looks after   people’s health.

            先行词   主语    谓语       宾语



This is  the factory   where    my father  works.

        先行词    地点状语   主语     谓语




修饰人用  who  whom  whose  that

修饰物用  which  that

关系副词  when  where  why

We are looking for someone who loves children.

A small bird which is brown and red.


(四)It takes/took (+间接宾语)+直接宾语+to-V.

It took him two hours to finish his homework.

It takes ten minutes to get to Tian’anmen from Wangfujing by bike.

take 与 spend 的辨析

take 与spend 都可以表示“花费”的意思,但用法结构不同。


He spends fifty yuan on his bag.

He spends two hours (in) doing his homework.


(五)Since 的用法

since 指时间时,可作副词、介词、连词。无论作何词性,since 总和完成时连用。


He went to school three years ago and has studied here since.



I haven’t met him since last year.






1. People are busy _________ their Christmas trees.

A. decorate             B. decorating        C. decorated            D. to decorate

2. People have eaten turkey ________ Christmas since 1650.

A. at                      B. on                   C. in                       D. of

3. She is going to ________ the message on the radio as well.

A. take                   B. talk                  C. read                    D. say

4. The International Children’s Association is now looking _______ some student assistants.

A. at                      B. after                 C. cover                  D. for

5. I’ve lived here ________ I was born.

A. since                  B. until                C. when                  D. for



1. This is a public________. (holiday, holidays)

2. He will _________ them for you.(matches, match)

3. __________ of people believe that Jesus Christ was born about two thousand years ago on Christmas Day.(Million, Millions)

4. We ________ like to be student assistants, Betty .(had, would)

5. Now tell me something ________ Christmas.(for, about)



1. I’m good at_________(a r w n i d g) and cooking.

2. There are some _______(o m e r) pictures on the next page.

3. How_______(o n l g ) have you lived in Garden City?

4. People usually eat_______(e k u y t r) and Christmas pudding on this day.

5. It will take six months to_________(a r p r e p e) for Christmas.



1. Santa ,Clause, in, they, their, stockings, want, put, presents, to


2. long, at, Rose Garden School, you, how, have,studied


3. computer, a, on, you, work, can


4. at, usually, do, Christmas, people, what, eat


5. have, you, the, mixed up, and, pictures, the, sentences




“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” is a popular saying in the United States. It is true that all of us n________ (1) recreation(娱乐). We can’t work all the time if we are going to k________ (2) healthy and e ________ (3) life.

Everyone has his own way of relaxing. Perhaps the most popular way is to t ________ (4) part in sports. There are team s________ (5), such as basketball and football. There are also individual(个人的)sports, such as swimming and r ________ (6). Skating and mountain climbing are the most p ________ (7) sports for people who like to be outdoors.

Not everyone who enjoys sports likes to take part in them. Many people like w ________ (8) TV or listening to music on the radio. So many people like some indoor recreations, such as watching TV, singing and dancing. It doesn’t matter whether we like indoor recreations or take part in outdoor sports. It is simply i________ (9) for everyone to relax after a day’s work or s________ (10), and enjoy themselves.



Many people like to watch TV. Watching TV is one of the most important activities of the day. TV brings the outside closer to people’s homes. Some people say the world is smaller than before because of TV.

What’s going on the other countries? How do people live in places far away? Is there a good sports game somewhere?

If you want to answer these and many other questions, just turn on the TV and watch it. You can see a lot and learn a lot. Of course, people can also learn through(通过) reading or listening to the radio. With TV, however, they can learn better and more easily. Why? Because they can hear and watch.

TV helps us a lot. TV often gives us new ideas. We learn newer and better ways of doing things.

(   ) 1. Some people say the world is smaller than before because _____.

A. TV makes the earth smaller and smaller

B. all people like watching TV

C. watching TV is one of the most important activities of the day

D. TV brings the outside world closer to people

(   ) 2. We can _____ when we watch TV.

A. go to live in the other countries               B. answer many questions

C. get a lot of information                          D. ask TV some questions

(   ) 3. People learn better through TV than through the radio because ______.

    A. TV sets are bigger than radios

B. people can hear and they can watch, too

C. if people don’t have TV, they can not live happily

D. it’s easier to turn on TV than to turn on the radio

(   ) 4. TV can _____.

A. teach us a lot of things                    B. learn a lot of things

C. give us what we want                    D. help us do our homework

(   ) 5. This article (文章) tells us _____. 

A. it’s good to watch TV                                          B. not to watch TV any more

C. students should not watch TV at any time              D. to stop reading to watch TV





二、holiday   match    Millions    would    about

三、drawing   more    long     turkey     prepare

四、1. They want Santa Clause to put presents in their stockings.

2. How long have you studied at Rose Garden School?

3. Can you work on a computer?

4. What do people usually eat at Christmas?

5. You have mixed up the pictures and the sentences.

五、1. need           2. keep           3. enjoy          4. take                   5. sports

6. running       7. popular       8. watching    9. important           10. study




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